Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little People

"Little people left in the city to fend for themselves"...
A London installation artist places these little tiny people all around the city, photographs them, and leaves them. In a F.A.Q., the artist answers some questions..

Where do you get your 'little people'?
"Many of the little people live under my bed where I force them in to hard labour cleaning crumbs from my floor. Others are made by German company Preiser and can be bought from model shops and on the net."

Do your 'little people' come ready made?
"To any extent, yes. Most are unpainted. I often remodel the characters, adding new features such as hoods with modeling clay, or changing arm and leg positions. I then paint the characters and, if needed, find props for them."


See all of the "little people" here and the rest of the artists' installations and photography here.

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